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JUUXAAN Beginner's Flute Kit with Accessories

Experience the Joy of Music with JUUXAAN Beginner Flute Kit - Complete with Accessories for Easy Learning and Maintenance!

- Great sound quality: The JUUXAAN Flute has been designed to produce a beautiful and clear sound that is perfect for both practice and performance. The opening and closing hole C16 hole e key also allows for a wider range of notes to be played.
- Portable: The included suitcase makes it easy to transport the flute to and from lessons or performances. The bracket ensures that the flute stays secure during transport, while the gloves, cleaning stick, and

The JUUXAAN Flute is the perfect instrument for beginners who are just starting to explore the world of music. This beautiful flute comes with a C16 hole and an e key, making it easy for beginners to play and learn. The opening and closing holes are designed to produce a clear and crisp sound that is sure to impress. The package includes a suitcase, bracket, gloves, cleaning stick, and rag, making it easy to transport and maintain the instrument. The nickel finish gives the flute a sleek and modern look that will make it stand out among other instruments. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, the JUUXAAN Flute is a great investment that will provide hours of enjoyment and musical exploration.